The Power Of A Five Second Greeting

The relationship between you and your spouse undoubtedly gets more complicated and difficult after kids. I don’t know ONE mom who hasn’t expressed resentment of their spouse. I talk to a lot of moms every day and It breaks my heart to see them struggling to balance and keep their marriage/relationships in good standing while exhaustedly trying to keep tiny humans alive. And listen, I’ve been there too!

You are not alone.

greeting door

It’s my belief that a good marriage/relationship is the best gift you can give to your children. I want my children to grow up in a happy and healthy household. Not a perfect one, but one that models love and respect.

Someone recently asked me the question, how do you greet Anthony when he comes home from work?

I had to think about that for a second because I don’t greet him in a particularly abnormal or special way. It’s usually a half smile, a head nod, maybe a “what’s up!” or “hey”.

It got me thinking. That’s certainly not how we used to greet one another in our “honeymoon phase”. I was excited to see him. I was more animated and made much more of an effort. Now when I see him I’m mostly exhausted and beat down by the day.

Many of our spouses no longer receive the warm, animated greeting that was common pre-parenthood.

What if we started to think of our greetings as investments into our relationships.

Even when we really don’t feel like it. Even when it feels forced. What if we chose to fully acknowledge our spouse with love and kindness?

shoes doormat

Someone has to be the leader of change in a relationship and if that job isn’t being occupied by your spouse, it’s time you stepped up and did the damn thang. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely rewarding.

This only takes five seconds and could make a huge difference in your relationship over time.