Black History Month

Today marks the first day of Black History Month so let’s talk about why we celebrate it.

This month is a time to celebrate, bring awareness, and honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans. 


Unfortunately I’ve witnessed a lot of criticism of black history month from people. There are many that believe it’s unfair to designate an entire month to a single group of people. However, this is not a time to emphasize black history, but the extraordinary black men and women in OUR history. Black history month is not just for black Americans, it’s for all Americans. 

Black history is OUR history. The impact African Americans have made on our country is indispensable. 


Black history has been historically erased or watered down in our history books. This is why we designate a month to our fellow Americans that are black. They are important. Their stories need to be heard. Their accomplishments need to be celebrated. 

So how do we celebrate black history month? 

We listen. We reflect. We learn. We mourn with our fellow Americans the generational trauma of slavery and segregation. We stand with them. We kneel with them. 

So let’s honor Black History Month together!