Starbucks CopyCat Matcha Lemonade Recipe

When I discovered matcha lemonade at Starbucks, I was SHOOKETH. How did I have so much energy with zero crash?! What was in this magical green powder? Needless to say, my Starbucks gold card was getting reloaded more often than I’d like to admit.


I was spending way too much money, so I googled how to make this refreshing drink at home. NADA. I mean really, there was NOTHING on Google or Pinterest. So I did what any desperate mom would do, I FIGURED IT OUT. Ohhh my gosh did I ever figure it out!!! You guys- it’s basically an exact replica.

Also, matcha is OF-THE-LORD. I’m pretty sure Jesus himself was drank matcha right before he walked on water. I’m not a theologian or anything, just a gut feeling I have.

It’s super high in antioxidants, makes you happier and more energized, improves your skin, and helps prevent cancer, just to name a few. No biggie.

So here it is…. the magical recipe for Matcha Lemonade (DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN)


  • Matcha Powder

  • Water

  • Lemonade Drink Enhancer



Because matcha is hard to stir, I like to put mine in a shaker bottle (or blender would work) with water before I put it in a glass. Grab a shaker bottle or blender and throw in a tablespoon or so of matcha powder, a few squeezes of lemonade drink enhancer (or fresh squeezed if you tryna be fancy), and shake it up or blend it together. Pour over ice. ENJOY!

It’s that easy!!!

Hope you enjoyed this recipe! Let me know if you tried it in the comments!